About Us

Our Aims ​

At SGIS School, Pune, academic excellence and student well-being go hand in hand. Study is not about memorising and regurgitating information. It’s about being able to think, solve problems, adapt to new situations and learning how to learn.

At SGIS School, Pune, we not only prepare Pupils for the rigours of IGCSE and A Level, but ensure Pupils develop a range of life-long learning skills. A focus on interdependence and interconnectedness among Pupils, the school and local community, instils a respect for strong relationships and the value of good community ties.

Our Pupils develop into independent thinkers and the curriculum provision ensures that Pupils learn how to think critically, creatively and inquisitively about the information they acquire.

Central to this is the quality of teaching and learning. Through encouraging active reflection, the sharing of success criteria and nurturing students as individual learners we enable pupils to scaffold their learning and to develop key skills, understanding and knowledge to self-regulate their learning. It enables continuous learning and the development of a growth mindset.

We also give Pupils the time to explore their own academic and personal strengths and passions. Whether it be learning to play the piano or getting to grips with advanced physics, they will discover the value of learning in depth.

When Pupils graduate from International School Pune, they leave ready to contribute to the world.

At SGIS Pune, we strive to:

 Ensure the safety and well-being of our entire community.

Offer a rich and diverse curriculum that nurtures a growth mindset, enhances problem-solving skills, and sparks curiosity and passion.

Develop future leaders who will positively impact the challenges of tomorrow.

Join us in shaping a brighter future!