Embracing the Art of Drama: Performance and Creativity

Drama involves both practical and written work as we are keen to develop theatre designers, directors and film-makers alongside the performers. Pupils are encouraged to have a lively and keen interest in an aspect of theatre and to be as passionate about performance as we are. This may include, but is not limited to: being enthusiastic about reading and studying literature/plays, delving into theatre history, visiting theatre, watching and responding to film and television and being inspired by art, poetry and the world around them.

GCSE Drama:

The course will provide exciting opportunities across the Senior School in events such as the Arts Festival and Senior School Production. You will learn how drama is created, both in performance and stage-craft, as well as ways to develop and create successful characterisations in improvisations and play scripts. Drama is an invaluable subject. It helps promote self-discipline, teamwork, conducting yourself under pressure, and how to confidently present yourself in a public setting – all skills that are regarded highly within the work and educational environment.