Empowering Mathematical Minds: Mathematics at SGIS

All Pupils study Mathematics. We aim to ensure that our Pupils achieve their highest potential through excellent teaching, a communication of the joy and challenge of mathematical problem solving, and feeling of satisfaction and acknowledgment of their progress.

Mathematics underpins the world around us and a sound understanding of maths will help you in many everyday situations from managing your personal finance to catching a bus! It is an essential life skill. The GCSE course will equip you with a range of skills to not only solve a variety of problems but also to recognise the beauty and relevance of mathematics in all areas of life.


GCSE Mathematics:

  • How to select and apply appropriate mathematic techniques and knowledge to solve problems, both abstract and in context
  • Algebra: How to express situations algebraically and solve problems along with the effective manipulation of algebra
  • Number: To use numerical skills to solve mathematical problems including those in real-life situations.
  • Probability: To calculate probabilities using diagrams as an aid
  • Statistics: The collection, representation and analysis of data
  • To reason logically, present solutions and communicate mathematically.