Modern Foreign Languages

Exploring Language and Culture: Foreign Language Studies at SGIS

Cultural knowledge and understanding remain fundamental to meaningful communication and friendships with others. Learning a foreign language broadens student’s horizons and creates an awareness on how language is formed and the provenance of language. It helps students understand cultural differences and the formation of language can also aid students’ ability to grasp the fundamentals of other subjects more easily.

Our curriculum gives students an opportunity to learn about French and German language but also the culture of the speaking worlds. Student will learn how to string sentences to communicate in the foreign language learnt. They will also have an insight into films, music and food.

Students will learn how to introduce themselves and other people, including being able to describe their personalities and those of friends and family. To extend their sentences they will learn how to give opinions about school subjects. As students develop their confidence more complex topics and sentence structures are introduced. This includes topics on:

  • Animals and the natural world
  • Where we live
  • Food and drink
  • Sports and leisure
  • Fashion
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Festivals and holidays


Possible language courses include being considered:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish