We believe that the presence of boarders greatly enhances the community atmosphere of our school.

The life of a boarder at Sanjay Ghodawat International School seeks to develop the whole pupil by addressing what we consider to be important facets of a rounded education, preparing pupils for life after school. Aligned with our whole school aims and ethos, we offer activities for pupils that complement and enrich their academic life, adding quality to our program. We provide an environment where pupils can achieve at the highest level academically and otherwise, celebrating the differences between pupils and ensuring that no pupil is disadvantaged.

Personal pastoral care and positive staff/pupil relationships provide the support and care needed to nurture and enhance this. Boarders have access to facilities and opportunities to explore their interests and enthusiasms, including sports facilities, technology, and games.

Boarders are an integral part of how the school operates, and as they make up a large section of the total pupil population, they have a significant impact on the school.