Supervision Policy

Introduction & Purpose 

International School Pune believe that the School should provide a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment, which promotes the social, physical and moral development of all students. During the School day, teachers act ‘in loco parentis’, and are responsible for exercising a standard of care that would be expected by a caring and prudent parent. It is our policy to ensure that a balance exists between the meticulous supervision of students every moment that they are at School and the desirable object of encouraging independence.



The School is committed to ensuring that students are safe and appropriately supervised at all times, both in School and during off-site visits. The School is committed to ensuring that:

  • Student supervision and security always forms part of the risk assessment for any activity or


  • Supervision of students takes into account the age, maturity, needs and numbers of students, as well as the location and type of activities in which they are engaged.
  • Staff ratios for supervision are within regulatory guidelines at all times, whether students are involved in School activities on the School premises or attending educational visits offsite.
  • Appropriate staff duty rotas are in place which demonstrate levels of staff supervision

which are satisfactory in terms of numbers and staff competence in view of the students and the situation.

  • The School seeks to implement this policy through adherence to the procedures set out in the rest of this document and should be read in conjunction with the following documents: Safeguarding and Child Protection policy, Risk Assessment, Educational Visits Policy, Missing Child (including uncollected students), Behaviour, Discipline & Sanctions, Anti-bullying, Self-Harm and Eating Disorders Policy, Snow and Extreme Weather Policy, Food Allergy Policy.


Supervision before School

The gates at the Main Entrance and Ashen Lane exit are opened by the Estates team at 08:00am.

Breakfast Club starts at 8:15am in the Dining Hall and is accessed by the lower doors of the Dining Hall. Main Office is manned from 08:30am when the front door of the Main House is unlocked.

School transport arrives between 08:20 and 08:45. Students are expected to make their own way from the bus directly to the Main Playground.


Students may arrive from 8:45am and either remain in the courtyard area or go into their form room, if a member of staff is present. No student should be in a classroom before registration without supervision (this excludes Stoke 6). Students are expected to behave responsibly and ensure that they are in the form room for electronic registration by 8:55am at the latest. At 09:00 the Ashen Lane gate is closed and locked by the Estates team.  After this time all late arrivals must register at Main Office.

Parents wishing to drop their child at School before 8:40 am must book them into Breakfast Club, for which there is a small charge, to ensure they are supervised by Boarding staff (who are responsible for all students who are boarding or booked into Breakfast Club). This can be done by contacting Main Office.

Supervision during the day

When supervising students in their care, staff:

  • Follow the Health & Safety Policy and the Medical (First Aid) Policy and procedures
  • Have a high awareness of students’ well-being
  • Ensure that the environment and any equipment being used is safe
  • Are vigilant and active and ensure equal access, opportunity and inclusion for all students
  • Intervene when necessary to avoid incidents
  • Have high expectations for behaviour with regard to the relevant policies on behaviour and anti-bullying
  • Ensure that students follow the School values
  • Ensure that students are where they should be at all times
  • Report any concerns or incidents to the Form Tutor, Deputy Head Pastoral or Principal as appropriate.


Structure of the Day:

To be finalised before the start of term – End of April 2024