Artistic Development and Creative Expression at SGIS

Art and design is integral to a young person’s development. We place emphasis on the acquisition of technical skills, sustained research and personal expression. Pupils are encouraged to analyse, solve and evaluate problems. Pupils are encouraged to be self motivated, confident and use their initiative to be successful.

In Art and Design, Pupils explore visual, tactile and other sensory experiences to communicate ideas and meanings. They work with traditional and new media, developing confidence, competence, imagination and creativity. They learn to appreciate and value images and artefacts across times and cultures, and to understand the contexts in which they were made. In Art and Design, pupils reflect critically on their own and other people’s work, judging quality, value and meaning. They learn to think and act as artists, craftspeople and designers, working creatively and intelligently. They develop an appreciation of Art and Design, and its role in the creative and cultural industries that enrich their lives. Art and Design is a rewarding subject which suits organised Pupils who can think creatively and work with independence.