Uncovering the Past: History Education at SGIS

History is rigorous and fun and our historians are taught to be self starting, broad minded and incisive. We aim to train clear thinkers, sharp debaters and convincing analysts.

Pupils are introduced to mastering historical skills for themselves; not doing History, but becoming historians. Pupils will study a number of fascinating topics, including, for example: Anglo-Saxons, Slavery, Industrial Revolution, World War I, World War II, Civil Rights and the Russian Revolution.

GCSE History:

History offers pupils the opportunity to explore the past from a range of perspectives and positions. Our syllabus offers a varied mix of topics and time periods to give you both a broad understanding of historical themes and in-depth knowledge of some important periods in British and World history. History is a subject that hones your ability to argue and debate whilst expressing your ideas both verbally and on paper.  We encourage all pupils to stretch themselves, to be inquisitive and to think independently.